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Chapter 1 – Introduction to Proxies

Introduction to Proxies: In this chapter we will discuss a brief introduction to proxies, how it evolved in technology, it benefits compared to other security devices. We also explain about the different security products that is available in the BlueCoat and how all the security products makes the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway which is [...]

Introduction to BlueCoat Web Security Now Available!

Now available for sale on Amazon! Introduction to BlueCoat Web Security – BlueCoat Proxy SG, Caching, ProxyAV, BCWF, K9 and Reporter. The book introduces about the BlueCoat products such as Proxy SG, Proxy AV, BCWF(BlueCoat web filtering), K9 web protection, BlueCoat Reporter. We have explained in detail, installation procedures, configuring and maintaence. We have described [...]

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